Inkling: A WIP Smash Ultimate stream analyzer

I finally got my hands on a capture card! Since Smash Ultimate came out I've been dreaming of a project that watches smash streams and automatically determines information about the game. This series will follow the development of this project from the start: today.

For the past couple of years, Project Slippi has been all the rage in the Melee community. And for good reason! The work of Fizzi, UnclePunch and metaconstruct is nothing short of amazing. However, that framework works by reading the raw data straight out of the game. Right now this isn't possible for Ultimate (although further reverse engineering efforts and Yuzu may make change that), so we'll need to take a different route.

1. Inkling: What How and Why?

Part 1 of this series goes over what exactly we're making, the tools we're using, initial issues and a whole lot of questions
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